DELTA enters into Performance Contracts with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science


As a part of DELTA’s role as a GTS Institute (i.e. Advanced Technology Group), DELTA has entered into a new Performance Contract for the period 2016-2018 with the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The contract supports the implementation of DELTA’s strategy and ensures that DELTA can make the latest technology and methods available to Danish companies.

By Martin Krogstrup Nielsen

The contract is the result of an open application process, in which Danish companies, universities, and other stakeholders have provided input to the application through dialogue at

The contract is divided into a number of large projects, all of which are intended to support the development of Danish business. Danish companies and research institutions will take an active part in the contract. A total of 57 representatives for Danish industry and research environments will be involved in advisory boards, which shall provide the direction for the activities. As a part of the contract DELTA collaborates with Danish and international knowledge institutions.

As a part of the contract, DELTA will carry out activities, which companies have the opportunity to be involved in, including:

Establishment of new services

Bringing home the latest knowledge from abroad

Demonstration projects

Workshops with companies


Read more about the projects below.

Batteryless and selfpowered electronics (in Danish)

The activity ensures that the barriers for the implementation of technology in the multidisciplinary area of batteryless and selfpowered electronics are lowered in order to achieve new innovative heights at Danish companies. This will be done through knowledge of start-of-the-art technologies to harvest energy from the surroundings, tools and modules for quick feasibility and early realisation of prototypes and improved micro-electronics for managing energy for the realisation of new, reliable selfpowered products. The activity plan has received comprehensive support prior to, on and after, where services from the activity are expected to have a considerable direct effect on the product development of high value products for more than 650 Danish companies.

Contact Specialist in Energy Harvesting and IoT, Johan Pedersen, for further information –

Internet-of-Things Test Center (in Danish)

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) Test Centre will ensure as many Danish companies as possible successfully bring new IoT products and solutions onto the market through the required technical testing, development, and advice. DELTA wants to ensure the implementation from the validation of an idea, and the implementation of IoT technology to secure a market approved product. The IoT Test Centre will also be the hub for stakeholders within the field of IoT, including electronics development companies, electronics manufacturers, product developers, designers, and users. The test centre’s services will be tailored to the development and skills needs of SMEs. As opposed to many IoT research projects, the centre will focus on implementing and breaking down specific barriers for Danish companies that wish to transform the technological trend into market approved solutions. Potentially, the activity plan has a large target group, but will target its service offer primarily at the approx. 2500 Danish companies that manufacture or integrate communication and IoT into their products.

Contact Senior Consultant, Anders P. Mynster, for further information –

Design of Smart Things (in Danish)

The ‘Design of Smart Things’ activity establishes services that gather and communicate knowledge about technologies and methods for the design of the ‘Smart Things’ of the future. Despite a large and broad potential target group, the activity’s expertise and services will focus on creating effect and value in four particular industries, that is anticipated to benefit from ‘smart products’ with a high information content, but which may not possess the expertise themselves to actualise this. The activity is thus channelling intensive efforts into the dissemination of knowledge and is focused more on gathering information than developing technology. The activity seeks to make use of the array of excellent technical competences that already exist within the field of new sensors, micro-controllers, and hardware-based microservices. The activities are therefore being carried out in collaboration with the researchers and design and electronics development companies that possess these competences.

Contact Lead Specialist, Vanessa Julia Carpenter, for further information –

Consumer preferences in multimedia (in Danish)

This activity plan will ensure that over 2,000 companies can offer a new technological services and facilities in multimedia. The activity focuses on breaking down the technical and marketing barriers and centres around Danish companies that, across industries and sectors, develop or utilise technology within the fields of multimedia and AV, e.g. manufacturers of AV, conference, communication and surveillance equipment, the telecommunications sector, manufactures of hearing aids and their components, display monitors and video, TV & broadcasting, manufacturers of film, video and digital content, and the gaming industry. These primary sectors will achieve new services and impartial testing panels in Denmark, which do not exist at independent laboratories internationally. The activity plan will ensure that new expertise and services are developed in close partnership with selected groups at DTU and Aalborg University.

Contact Head of Department, SenseLab, Søren Vase Legarth, for further information –

The effect of sound on health and welfare (in Danish)

With this activity plan, DELTA addresses a growing problem within society of multiple noise sources, which on the one hand can lead to disturbance and negative consequences on health, while on the other create a need for the industry’s development of new solutions and products. The activity will result in a service offering of knowledge, models, and methods to provide a better understanding of the effect that sound has on humans – and consequently better tools for the development of noise-reducing initiatives and products, as well as the planning of future buildings, urban districts, and infrastructure. These service offerings will benefit a wide range of stakeholders: Manufacturers of noise-reducing equipment and materials (typically SMEs), consulting engineers, entrepreneurs, public planners at national, regional and local level, the building, energy and healthcare sectors, and, in a wider context, decision-makers and citizens.

Contact Senior Specialist, Per Finne, for further information –

Veterinary Diagnostics through air samples (in Danish)

The activity plan will build up services and new testing paradigms that will benefit around 9,000 production plants for poultry, pork, and mink. These services enable the producers to carry out screening of their livestock for a broad range of pathogens for the purpose of optimising animal welfare, production, quality, and reduced use of antibiotics. The activity is being carried out in a close collaboration between DELTA, AgroTech and DTU Vet, the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, and the Department of Environmental Science at Aarhus University. The new test method enables the producers to monitor their livestock themselves and only medicate when, in consultation with a vet, it is considered necessary. The activity plan has huge potential for a number of industries, both directly and indirectly, which will be provided with a new service offering in collaboration between GTS and university laboratories.

Contact Head of Department, Point of Care, Julia Skov, for further information –

Centre for certification of health products (in Danish)

The market potential for Danish developers and manufacturers of health and welfare technology is huge and growing rapidly, but is not being actualised to the extent desired or anticipated. The activity plan seeks to close this market gap through the development of a new technological infrastructure in collaboration with DELTA and the Danish Technological Institute. The barriers in the market must be lowered through solid knowledge of the formal as well as informal product requirements that are realised in new certification programmes and facilities for innovation and pilot production. The activity’s Nordic cooperation will assist in strengthening the internationalisation of Danish health and welfare solutions. Finally, the infrastructure will create a more stable foundation for public purchasers of health and welfare solutions, thereby helping to ease the access to domestic and international markets for Danish manufacturers.

Contact Senior Consultant, Brian Hedegaard, for further information –

Reliable product development based on Physics of Failure (in Danish)

This activity plan will ensure DELTA’s creation of new services and access to facilities in robust and reliable product development, benefitting over 1,800 Danish companies within the appliance industry in particular. The establishment of the Centre for Reliable Product Development based on the Physics of Failure is being made in collaboration with Aalborg University (CORPE), by which Denmark’s two strongest environments within reliable electronics are linked uniquely together. Physics of Failure (PoF) is the popular term for knowledge and understanding of the fundamental physical causes of why product failures occur. The centre will gather, develop, systematise, and process new knowledge in the area leading to services that can increase Danish electronic companies’ competitiveness through increased resilience and reliability of their products and reduced development times.

Contact Senior Consultant, Susanne Otto, for further information –

Growth through standards and legal metrology (in Danish)

This activity plan ensures DELTA’s participation in minimum 45 standardisation groups and in Danish and international metrology work in collaboration with other Danish metrology stakeholders, to the benefit of over 2,000 companies within the appliance industry in particular. The activity will also establish a new portal, where Danish small and medium-sized businesses can subscribe to be updated on relevant changes in standards and warnings of necessary updated approvals for their products.

Contact Senior Technology Specialist, Per Thåstrup Jensen, for further information –

Besides those listed above, DELTA actively participates in a number of activities under the performance contracts of other institutes, in particular:

InnovationsAgents (in Danish)

IBIZ Center (in Danish)

IBIZ TechLab (in Danish)

Teaching in Metrology (in Danish)


For generel questions contact Martin Krogstrup Nielsen, Head of Innovation Projects at DELTA, tel. + 45 72 19 47 05,


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