The Story: Brobizz-tag


Each day thousands of vehicles with a BroBizz-tag placed in the front window quickly pass through automatic road toll stations, giving them access to bridges, roads, car parks, and ferries around the world.

The brain of the BroBizz is a small, custom-made ASIC the size of a fingertip – a component with a technology that DELTA since the beginning of the millennium has designed and developed.

In 2001, DELTA received the first order to develop and produce 600,000 BroBizz-chips, that communicate with electronic payment systems for automatic collection of road fees, e.g. at the Storebælt and Øresund bridges. Since then, DELTA has produced millions of these chips, that make the barrier open at electronic road toll stations, thus saving motorists from finding their debit card or cash for road toll payment.

The ASIC technology is based on a communication standard used in many other countries e.g. France, Austria, Germany, Chile, and Australia. In Europe, the BroBizz works across national borders, which is in line with EU’s aim for freedom of movement. EU has a directive stating that there should be interoperability between the different electronic road toll collection systems in EU, so that paying charges are a seamless operation for EU citizens, and obstacles to traffic flow in Europe are avoided.

BroBizz and the associated electronic payment systems are developed and supplied by Kapsch, which is a global leader within the field. Over the years, DELTA has worked in close cooperation with Kapsch to develop the BroBizz-chip. The outcome is an advanced technology which today is used around the globe.

DELTA continues to refine the technology behind BroBizz and delivers every year components in high volume production. As a total supplier of BroBizz components DELTA covers the entire process: design, prototyping, production of wafer, encapsulation, qualification, test, and delivery.

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