Values and ethics


DELTA’s values are real – not invented.

Our values describe how we provide our services and are fundamental characteristics in every DELTA employee’s conduct. We use our values to challenge the way we do things, create clear expectations and set high standards for ourselves and for others. Our three values characterise DELTA – now and in the future.

Dedicated and passionate people

We are eager making our exceptional know-how available to our clients. We help them tackle challenges by implementing advanced technology and finding new and more profitable solutions. Some of the world’s leading specialists work at DELTA, and we want to pass on their knowledge.

Reliable flexibility

DELTA employees want as much freedom and flexibility as possible, based on clear goals and guidelines, as well as mutual respect and understanding of the professional, financial, and human aspects of the tasks as well as the company.

Original thinking

DELTA employees have the engagement, professional level, personality and practical experience needed to be able to think highly originally – there is a Gyro Gearloose within many of us! For us it is fun, challenging, and satisfying solving apparently unsolvable tasks – often in an untraditional way, where we find a better, less expensive, more simple, robust or useful solution than the obvious solution.

Code of conduct

DELTA’s reputation is one of our most valuable assets – a reputation that builts on our actions.

Our clients and other stakeholders expect that we maintain high business ethics, fulfil our commitments and act with full integrity.

All of DELTA’s employees act in accordance with our business ethics, and all of DELTA’s managers actively participate in the implementation of our ethical standard and ensure it is communicated throughout the organisation and complied with.

DELTA’s business ethics involve the following:

Social responsibility

DELTA treats all of its employees and applicants for positions within the company in the same way, so that everyone has equal opportunities without regard to ethnic or national origin, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, political persuasion, nationality, social origins or any other personal characteristics when these have no bearing on their ability to do the job.

DELTA considers environmental responsibility to be an important element in our products, services and processes.

DELTA focuses on being a workplace with a good working environment with a high degree of safety at work.

Business conduct

DELTA only takes on assignments within its areas of competence, so that there is a basis for working professionally and for delivering professional solutions.

DELTA will act loyally with its partners and clients, and endeavour to avoid conflicts of interest.

DELTA will not participate in activities aimed at damaging the reputation or business of others.


DELTA acts within the framework of law and international conventions.

All transactions must in a full and fair manner be recorded in accordance with DELTA’s business principles and other relevant requirements.

Neither DELTA nor DELTA employees may offer or provide persons with an improper economic benefit or other advantage in conflict with the law and in conflict with the recipient’s legal obligations, for the purposes of creating or maintaining business or achieving other advantages for DELTA.

No DELTA employee may seek or accept any form of payment, personal gift or other benefit if this can reasonably be presumed to have an influence on business transactions. Exceptions are such services that lie within generally accepted business practice.

Compliance and follow-up

All employees and managers are responsible for complying with these guidelines.

DELTA expects that partners and suppliers have a business practice that is in line with these guidelines.

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