DELTA is an independent company, which for 75 years has played a central role in the Danish innovation infrastructure. DELTA helps Danish and international customers within a wide range of competencies and services, with roots in electronics, light and acoustics.

Today, DELTA has developed into a well-run, profitable and sound business, which has a clearly focused strategy, and is well prepared to fully realise its potential. 2015 was a positive year for DELTA, when three years of unsatisfactory results were turned around and the organisation made a good profit.

Key figures and financial ratios

Key figures, DKK million 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Net revenue 312 316 296 308 327
EBITDA 29 19 2 20 31
Profit for the year, after minority interests
9 -4 -8 -4 11
Equity 104 96 100 108 113
Total cash flow 8 13 -18 -21 6

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